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Time Lost

There are two entries today on my blog because the humans had to go away for a long time. It was a sudden, important trip and it interrupted my Internet access. My routine was ruined and they should know that rabbits are organized, orderly and fastidious by now. My humans have had rabbits for 17 years. I picked them because they are fairly good with longevity for rabbits. When I first arrived, I felt like I was already in bunny heaven. I was caged most of my life and never had room to exercise. I begged for attention constantly and all I received for years was fingers rubbing the top of my nose through a cage. When my current couple of humans saw me in the pet shop among others, with my new partner Bluebell, they spoke with intellifence. They were wondering why any human being would treat us so poorly. Granted I was weak and older than they were told. I was surprised that they adopted us. Bluebell was determined to be happy with these two humans. I just mellowed out and said, "What will be, will be." Despite the disruption in our routine and the human time change thing, Bluebell and I are very happy. We have at least 2 to 4 hours of exercise time in the grass. We ignore the squirrels and watch for hawks but it is an adventure every day. Tomorrow, I will begin the tales of rabbithood more consistently now that humans are settling down for the "holiday" season. Whatever that means. I hope there are timothy hay with a touch of alfalfa heart-shaped treats involved.

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