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The Life of the Endangered Cooper's Hawk

It has been a long time since my last blog. My human parents have been taking good care of the house rabbit children. They purchased a new condominium with a staircase (that's new) and new willow tree woven tents and tunnels. They even bought some seagrass mats on sale. The vendor sent us some wheat grass. We are so used to Timothy and Oat hay that this is quite a change in a bunny diet.

On May 19, 2012, the world seemed like it was coming to an end. The wide, dark shadow of a 35-inch wingspan flew overhead and the sound of the flapping wings sent a shiver into all who were in the yard that afternoon. The distinctive, slow wingbeat sent bunnies into willow tents and human's calling out with urgency. "Get the camera and take a look at the size of that thing while I plan the route to pick up the bunnies to bring them into the house." Alas, humans have interesting priorities. Meanwhile, the adult male Cooper's hawk found a perch on the bunny fence in the yard. He looked over his right shoulder and then over his left shoulder. His red eyes scanning the humans who were snapping photographs while the bunnies were on their own, well hidden. The hawk finally gave out an egotistical series of calls and flew off to the western sunlight.

The human parents were truly concerned. For the past month, they have kept their ears tuned for the new Cooper's Hawk in the neighborhood. They hear the call from atop the telephone pole in front of the house. The parents have decided to name the hawk Sheldon in honor of some situation comedy they enjoy called The Big Bang Theory. Apparently, there is a main character that is a very demanding, self-centered physicist named Dr. Sheldon Cooper. Bluebell hears her parents laughing nearly every evening during reruns of the show and it irritates her if the sound is too loud or there is conversation during the muted commercials discussing the details of the humor. Ivan seems to be happy the parents being at home as much as possible and he is determined to sneak into the living room to enjoy everything humans do in that room.

Sheldon has a partner. She visits his telephone pole in his absence. Otherwise, Sheldon rules the top of that key vantage point. Steve was in the backyard and heard the call of Sheldon. When he looked up he could see Sheldon clearly overlooking the yard from the front yard perch. If we can see him, he can see the bunnies in the yard. Sheldon swoops down periodically to capture small birds who love the bunny yard filled with hay seeds, flowers, lavendar, and thistle seed. Barbara stopped filling the thistle feeder to deter Sheldon from taking the lovely Goldfinch families. He does catch small birds two or three times per day (at least) based on the trumpeting he does as he eats his daily meals. The song he sings while he eats can be heard all over the neighborhood. We have to admit that he is part of the Universe of creatures and that he has his place on earth. The endangered designation let's us know that his kind has not had it easy due to the urbanization for his homeland. So as rabbits have become house rabbits, so too does the grassland and open space Cooper's hawk named Sheldon with his companion, named Amy (based on the sitcom too), have adapted to their new environment catching suburban mice, roof rats and small birds. Hopefully, house rabbits are too heavy for him to consider picking up for a fast meal and can peacefully co-exist with his specias and their incredible ability to fly with speed and grace. Rabbits do not like the skill of swooping and picking up "food" from the ground or mid-air captures, but every thing has advantage and disadvantages as it attempts to adapt and survive. It is not the end of the world after all. It is just nature taking its course. Feel the fear and get over it.

Cadbury is signing off until the next blog time is available.

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