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What is all the fuss about turkeys today? I have heard my human companions talk about being thankful for so many things all week long. It gave me pause to think about my life as a house rabbit. After all, I was rescued, spent time with my foster care Mom, met a lovely lady rabbit, Bluebell, met hundreds of people at the pet store, and then we moved here. It is wonderful place that is truly heaven. I do have so much to be thankful for in life. I have a safe home, loving companion in BlueBell, a new big brother named Ivan, fresh hay and water each day, and time outdoors for the first time in my life. Each day, our human companions give us safe time outdoors to run, leap, sleep, nibble grass, watch birds and squirrels, watch for hawks and cats, and so on. There are opportunities for us to map our space and practice escaping predators without real fear. We get plenty of sunlight and fresh air. It is a new freedom that house rabbits dream of all over the world.

I am thankful for my home, my daily fresh food and fresh water. I am thankful for loving human beings and rabbits alike. Ivan has told me about cats and dogs that are companions to humans too. He even mentioned a blue parakeet that stayed in this house for a week or so. It is all very interesting. Ivan has such a long history and he is wise. He is nearly 9 years old! Bluebell is only 5 years old and she was rescued too. Ivan said that he had a lover named Charlotte. He and Charlotte were thankful to be rescued too. All of us never left a small cage and were abused until we found "heaven" on earth.

I don't understand the turkey part, but I am truly thankful I am not a turkey at this time of year (from what I evidence I gathered). I also very thankful I am here and able to blog now and then.

Many blessings of the day in America! Cadbury

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