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Cadbury offers insights into the world of house rabbits.
On Humans

Living with human beings is a challenge at times. They come and go. At least, the never forget to provide fresh timothy hay, water and a clean place for rabbits to live. We rabbits once shared space with two cats. The female cat used to jump over the bunny gates from the bedrooms, through the kitchen and dining room, into the living room. She would sit on the back of the recliner to stare down on us. We rabbits are corraled into the kitchen and dining room area. Humans tell us it is "For your safety and protection" but it is frustrating that we cannot map the entire house. I know there is much more space to explore in this home but humans prevent it. There are times when I sneak into the living room or hallway. My feet get great traction on the thing they call carpeting! Before I can run at top speed, I am forced back on to the slippery floor. The humans laugh and say "We caught you. We can hear the 'click, click, click' of your toenails. How cute!" but I am not happy. One time I got as far as the couch and the human female thumped on the floor with her hand. She thought she was talking rabbit-ese but alas I ignored her words about "Cadbury can't get to the electrical cords. One of them doesn't have a cord cover to protect him." The male human is very nice and allows rabbits into the yard for running and leaping. He came to pick me up and supposedly "rescued" me for disaster. All I wanted was to see where the humans spend their time every evening and weekend.

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