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Ivan and Bluebell

Happy New Year 2012!

Ivan is infatuated with Bluebell. Over the past month, Ivan has mirrored Bluebell's behavior whenever she is aware of his presence. He grooms when she grooms.  He nibbles when she nibbles. He rests when she rests. Even while Bluebell is busy in her pen or ignoring him, Ivan sits just outside of her pen patiently watching over her, protecting her, and loving her.

Every morning and evening Ivan sits or lays on the towel the humans placed along Bluebell's pen. Bluebell has begun to lay parallel to Ivan and even lean against him with pen between them. Now that I, Cadbury, is out of the picture Bluebell is free to consider Ivan. She is feisty and likes to be in charge. Ivan is gradually giving up his domineering attitude to give way to a softer, neighborly approach. Bluebell has settled into a routine that has less anxiety and frustration.

Yesterday, the humans left Bluebell's pen door open. This was a great test. Bluebell and Ivan have needed to be separated based on Bluebell's sneaky and bold behavior. She attracts Ivan to her and then leaps over him while giving him a bite in mid-air! The last time she did that, I was in the way and Ivan chased after me. He had no idea is was his precious Bluebell. Bluebell was so fast, he thought I had given him a nip. This time, Ivan entered Bluebell's pen while she was in it! Our human Dad was worried but waited to see who he would he could grab first to prevent an attack. Ivan explored the perimeter of the pen with Bluebell on his heels. However, she did not bite him, leap over him or lay in wait for him behind her willow tunnel or litter box. Human Dad was so relieved. He let Ivan make a few circles around the pen before picking him up. This was a brief experiment. I think the Human Parents will now attempt to place Ivan and Bluebell in the yard together and see if they can co-exist for 30 to 40 minutes.

If this is successful over longer and longer periods of time, then Love does conquer all! The Human Parents and our Foster Mom have always been hopeful that bonding would take place. Only time will tell!

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