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Home Friday

Our human companions are home all day today. It does upset the rabbit calculation of weekdays versus weekends, but we gladly endure these variations of human routine to have them at home with us. Ivan is the senior house rabbit and he is the "Watch Bunny" of the household when the humans are not home. Ivan takes his position outside of Bluebell's pen. He wants to protect other rabbits (like he did with his late Charlotte and the aging Nutmeg before he passed on to Bunny Heaven). He also is in love with Bluebell. She pretends to take an interest but then nips and bites him. Ivan is not used to a female rabbit being so fickle and aggressive. He dominated Charlotte, so he assums that Bluebell will also submit to his affection and groom him when he requests it. The humans had to build an extra layer of netting at the bottom of the pen to keep Ivan and Bluebell from biting each other on the nose.

Today, Bluebell is out on the lawn trying to keep a squirrel from digging in "her" yard. She is very territorial. I am very happy-go-lucky and easy going, so it doesn't bother me. Ivan avoids other beings like birds and squirrels. He has priorities, like watching for hawks. Just two houses away, there is a large tree with the nest of the local hawk couple. Each spring they have two or three offspring. When the juveniles are ready to learn to hunt, they sit on the utility pole or in the "Mimosa" tree above us trying to figure out what to do. One year, a male hawk flew into the hawthorne tree looking to grab sparrows and smaller birds. He made his way down the branches from the top. Little did he know that the little birds were flying out of the side of the entire tree to escape. The sparrows sat on the top of the roof chirping angrily while the young hawk was trapped in the center of the tree branches. He couldn't go down or out because his size and wingspan was too great for the dense branches. He spent 15 minutes crying out for his parents and then finally hopped his way back up to the open area at the top of the tree. My human Mom was laughing and found it interesting that he was a hawk in training. Her favorite bird is our residence Black Phoebe. She listens for the snap, snap, flutter of his fly catching from our plum tree. He sings for her in the morning and late afternoon.

This is Home Friday for us and I am so glad that our human companions do not participate in Black Friday (that I overhead on the lighted box with moving pictures keeps talking about). They are not typical materialistic citizens. That means there is more time and money for our cuddle cup, fleece blankets, treats, and toys! Hooray. I am still very thankful for our life with our humans.

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